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I’m Varla Ventura, author of Beyond Bizarre and The Book of the Bizarre, trivia books chock full of ghost stories, historical myths, legends, and truths, tales from the crypt, synchronicity, aberrations, animal wonders, and much more. I’ve created this blog to keep readers abreast of exciting news in the world of the weird–there are enough bizarre facts out there to wow, puzzle, and scare for the rest of time. I am also the curator of a new series of digital books from Weiser Books: Magical Creatures and Paranormal Parlor. These cover varied topics such as mermaids, vampries, and werewolves as well as seances, parlor games, and good old vintage ghost stories. They  available now for your e-reading pleasure! You can read more scary stories in the books, available through amazon and at bn.com, or wherever books are sold!

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  1. Varla, on Coast To Coast AM tonight a caller asked about a man who kept the dead body of a woman who he preserved, you replied you had not heard of it. That was Carl von Cosel in the 1930s. You may read up on the case here:



      • Calling George Noory is impossible, emailing him is worse. I thought you’d like it. This is truly a weird, and sad, story. von Cosel is called a “necrophile”, I think it’s beyond mere necrophelia, he was obsessed with this one woman, who really didn’t have any feelings for him. Have a great weekend and watch out for them brain-worms:)

        Tony Bones

  2. Varla, I enjoyed your appearance on coast to coast. You are so eloquent and great stories. Varla you have great voice. I love the sound of your laughter. I hope to hear more from you in the media. john

    • You are too kind! George Noory is such a great interviewer, he really makes you feel like you are just hanging out in your living room. I will try and keep readers up to date on any new radio appearances. If you are on facebook, send me a friend request. I post my schedule on there as I know it. October is getting busy!

  3. hello,
    you are an expert on finding out unusual things. well,i’ve
    been looking for a story that in the national news nov. 1971. a
    dr.? made a device or an exersize to where he stretched himself
    several inches in height over a few years. this was on paul
    harvey news and comments then and a small medical magazine dec.
    1976. i can’t remember the magazine and it didn’t tell the dr.s
    name. it just said what he did. i think it was like those women
    who put rings on their necks but it was the back to.
    what very small medical magazine would have been very
    common in the united states then ?

    • Hi Ron, Sounds like quite a hunt! If I find anything I will let you know. Now you have peaked my curiosity. And who wouldn’t want to be taller?

  4. I really enjoyed THE BOOK OF THE BIZARRE. The only thing wrong was it started on page 33.Pages 33-52 are in there twice pages 1-32 are missing.The facts in the book are very interresting Iam
    planning on reading more of your books.Thanks for a great read.

  5. I read your article “Paranormal Parlor Games” on the Huffington Post, which I thought was great, so I went over to your facebook page and eventually landed here, in your blog. It’s been a great and unique journey so far! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work and am glad I stumbled upon you.

  6. Great interview! Loved the 12 days / nights of Christmas and future spouses stories with knives and ashes of yule log. Also never thought about ghosts and demons were part of Christmas. I have bookmarked your site look forward to many visits in the new year

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